MeetExplorers Show.

The idea came a decade ago to interview adventurers and explorers only. The idea is to interview them before, after or during expedition depending on what is possible with respect to the timing and the budget.

LP Loncke has met over 300 adventurers and explorers since 2005. The first adventurer he met was author Sylvain Tesson.

The first person interviewed is Henri Leduc on mountain near Quito (Ecuador), a Belgian who was did a solo unsupported polar expedition  (Svalbard) in the early 80ies before the most famous explorers did. Then came Reinhold Messner in 2014.

The entire concept of the show will not be revealed here as it includes some design and ideas that are not seen before.

On TV.

Ideally the Show will come on TV one day.

On YouTube - The Channel.

#001 - Bernardo Guarachi - First 7 summits from Bolivia (BOL)
#002 - Ueli Steck - Alpinist, 2* Piolet d'Or (CH)
#003 - Eric Philips - Polar Explorer, PEC-S coordinator (OZ)

#00? - Henri Leduc, polar explorer, photographer (BEL)
#00? - Reinhold Messner - Legendary Alpinist, first 14*8000m and First Everest NoO2.

Other videos:

  • Testing Cameron's Smith homemade Spacesuit and (funny) walking around his hotel.
  • The Arrival of Aleksander Doba in Le Conquet after his 3rd kayak Atlantic crossing.