This is the page for the BRAFF Brussels Adventure Film Festival.

The concept for the BRAFF is to only propose films that are unscripted. Films should be mainly shot during real adventurous expeditions. We will of course tolerate documentary films about iconic profiles of the world of adventure.
We welcome also scientific expeditions if done in remote and hard locations. Short Films only shot POV with action cam are also accepted.
With more details:
* No Films that are about athletes: downhill mountain biking, skiing or races (running, cycling). With exceptions if there is a journey linking those visited places.
* No Travel diaries.
* No Scripted content, a film that is clearly more a fiction or a beautifully shot film that is more about the promotion of a sponsor/brand. For this, if related to the mountains, please check the BRIMFF.
* No animation films.
* No Environmental issues or climate change films. There are other festivals for theses types of films.

Films can be in any language (preferably French or English) but we'll need subtitles in FR and EN.

Submitting a film.
We will explain here later how you can submit a film. Very likely via

Film competition and Jury
We will try to have 5 jury members who will select the winner of several awards:
* Best Adventure Film - (above 30 min film) Highest award of the BRAFF
* Best Short Adventure Film (below 30 min)
* Best first Film award - for a director who perhaps only released videos on the internet prior to submitting to Festivals
* Special Jury Award - If the jury decided to give an award for something out of the ordinary or a well documented scientific expedition.
* Best Bold adventure documented - For any film, even for films with lower production quality but where we sense the adventure was bold and innovative.