This is the page for the BRIMFF Brussels International Mountain Film Festival.

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The BRIMFF will select scripted or unscripted films that are related to the Mountains.
With more details:
* Any mountain activity adventure films.
* Films that are about athletes: downhill mountain biking, skiing or races (running, cycling).
* Travel diaries in the Mountains.
* Scripted content: fiction films
* Animation films.
* Environmental, climate or social issues in the mountains.
Not accepted:
* Films about Oceans, kayak, polar or desert terrains... see the BRAFF for this.

We hope the BRIMFF will join one day of the IAMF - International Alliance for Mountain Films.

Films can be in any language (preferably French or English) but we'll need subtitles in FR and EN.

Submitting a film.
We will explain here later how you can submit a film. Very likely via

Film competition and Jury
We will try to have 5 jury members who will select the winner of several awards:
* Best Mountain Film - (above 30 min film) Highest award of the BRIMFF
* Best Short Mountain Film (below 30 min)
* Best Tiny Mountain film (below 10 min)
* Best Mountain Sports Film (ski, mountain bike...)
* Best Mountain Adventure Film (adventure, climbing...)
* Best Mountain Culture Film
An award can perhaps not be awarded during a year if no film reaches the quality or no film selected for a certain category.