On this page several other events will be listed.

The Mad Belgian on Tour.

This tour will start in Belgium once the 4 films of the "Mad Belgian" series are completed. It should be a public conference in person, with Louis-Philippe Loncke presenting the 4 films in several cities with a break and slideshow and Q&A. The total evening should last around 3 hours.

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During those evenings, special film screenings of a rare selection of adventure films will be screened or talk conferences given by very interesting adventurer or explorer speakers. The focus is to always have a dimension of adventure, reason why it is coupled with the BRAFF newsnetter.

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Other Events.

Several other ideas cannot be revealed yet as too unsure.

Online Adventure & Explorer Courses.

Online Adventure & Explorer Awareness Course. (free, online)

Register here. Louis-Philippe Loncke is developing this free online course to be ready in 2023 with the aim of explaining how the entire expedition ecosystem works.

Online Expedition Preparation Masterclass.

Louis-Philippe Loncke plans also to develop a paid course to help to prepare an expedition and get tips. A guide and mentorship course to prepare your expedition. LP Loncke has solo prepared most of his expeditions and with many world firsts on different terrains he will explain things no one else thinks about. Also this Masterclass will evolve with different chapters as he learns more. So if one day he does a big expedition to Antarctica, he will add a chapter on this.

Outdoor Camps

Another project involves Digital Detox camps, outdoors in Belgium. This project is on hold.